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Q: Should I pay something to watch online TV?
A: No! This site is absolutely FREE!

В: I get (Waiting for Video) or (No Video) in FireFox and Google Chrome
О: This occurs after installing VLC Plugin for FireFox! It replace WMP's plugin and therefore the channel can't start. It's required to download and install Windows Media Player plugin for FireFox from HERE!

Q: Why I can't watch on Full Screen the VLC channels?
A: This is about your versions of VLC Player. To work you have to install an newer version such as 2.0.1 from the table above.
This version is tested and there are no issues to watch.

Q: I'm using MacOSX and why I haven't got Full Screen for VLC and WMP channels?
A: That's because Flip4Mac plugin. This plugin haven't got full screen mode. We hope in next versions the developers will fix that.

Q: I have VLC Player, but why the channel can't start?
A: This problem is frequent. It's about inadvertently during installation of the player. During installation you must choose FULL INSTALLATION or to put a check to MOZILLA, That will be installed plugin for this type of browsers such as FireFox, Google Chrome.

Q: I use MacOSX or Linux. What can I do to watch TV?
A: You CAN'T watch all channels. But see the table above, there will find the solution for some channels.

Q: I have SopCast for Windows... but I still can't watch. Why?
A: SopCast for Windows requires Internet Explorer! You can install IE Tab for your browser:
FireFox (before v3.5: IE Tab, after v3.5 IE Tab +), Google Chrome (IE Tab), Opera (Neptune)

Q: I have sound... but not picture?
A: The problem is in your codecs. If you have codecs take a look of them (reinstall them, set them), but if you haven't got, install them ;-) (We recommend K-Lite Codec Pack 8.8.0. You can download it from HERE)

Q: Why the channels constantly interrupted?
A: Interrupt for charging (Buffering). This happens when your internet connection is weak or channels are overloaded.

Q: Only few channels can't start?
A: The problem may be on the server that stream this channel. Report the channel and we will see how to solve the problem.